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Why should you install Ute trays?

Why should you install Ute trays?

A Ute tray is a that is installed behind the passenger compartment of a utility vehicle. Most commonly ute trays are found in Perth as well as other areas of Australia. In the US, these kinds of vehicles are referred to as pick up trucks. However, there are certain differences between the two. Utes have less storage space in the interior which pick ups have more. Therefore, Utes are smaller in size and are used to carry smaller loads.  However, there are multiple types of pick up trucks available and have bigger load capacity. 

Ute trays are used for transporting goods over great distances and are available in a variety of materials. Aluminium ute trays are the most common type. Steel trays are used to give extra strength and appeal. A tougher fitting tray is also available for rougher terrains. There are many reasons why it is advantageous to install Ute trays Perth and other areas of Australia: 

  1. Customisation.  With factory installed vehicles you have limited options but with aluminium trays you have a wide range of options available. You can choose the colour, material and finish that you desire. The tray can be modified according to your needs; for example, for a construction job, a large tray with locks will be the best. There is also the option of getting a smaller compartment installed under the tray to carry smaller tools. The customisability allows you to transform your truck into the perfect transportation unit. 
  2. Versatility. Whether you are a plumber or a builder or any other type of tradesman a Ute comes handy in all situations. The tray can be used in multiple ways and can even rent it out to other companies for transportation of different materials. You also have the option of installing accessories to enhance practicality. 
  3. Durability.  Ute trays are deigned to withstand the effects of tough work. When properly installed and maintained, it has a long life. Aluminium is one of the most lightweight and durable materials. If and when you choose to resell your vehicle, the ute tray will only add value to your price as they are highly sought-after. 
  4. Increased storage capacity. This is the biggest benefit of installing ute trays. Getting a ute tray installed to fit the dimensions of your vehicle can always be useful; you can carry a variety of things from furniture to plants. Whereas before you may have to make two trips to carry your cargo you can now make one, saving time and resources. 
  5. Additional security. Ute trays can be fitted with security features. Lockable toolboxes can be installed to keep your tools safe. Locking drawers are also available to keep other supplies safe. Trays as a whole can also be equipped with lock so that expensive stock can be transported without any worry. 
  6. Better aesthetics. Getting a ute tray installed is a great way to transform an old vehicle. You can get rid of rusty tubs and install a new tray to have everyone admiring your vehicle. 

Ute trays are great for commercial work. This tray allows you to carry practically anything. They provide the opportunity for more flexibility as they make the most of the space available and can also be installed a little higher to leave room for toolboxes. They also give a more professional look. Come to the job with a custom installed ute tray in Perth or other areas help others feel that you are ready for the job.  Depending on your budget, there are many options to consider. The best type of trays is aluminium as they are rust proof and lightweight, they add little to your fuel costs and last a lifetime. Steel units are also good but can be expensive. So, take a look at the TL engineering website which are one of the most reputed vehicle body builders in Australia and decide on the tray that suits you best. 

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