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Use tiles to enhance the look of your house

Use tiles to enhance the look of your house

People spend a good part of their lives saving up to build their dreamhouse. Even as young children, you may remember the various things that you thought you would include in your own house one day. But over time there may be some financial constraints such as the schooling of your children or a loss in your business that may have prevented you from buying or making your house earlier on. When you finally decide to build your house from scratch, you will find that you can include all of your heart’s desires in the plan of the house and the architect that you have hired will be able to better incorporate it into the blueprints. A house is like a hub for all the family members where they gather after a long day at work or school and share their daily experiences and also get to rewind and relax so that they are prepared for the next day. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you carefully think over the type of flooring that you want to get in the house as it will determine the entire mood and practicality of the house. You can choose to have different types of floors in different rooms such as encaustic floor tiles on the patio and wooden floors in the living room. Or you may simply choose to have one type of versatile flooring such as tiles throughout the house that may vary in patterns or colors but compliment each other at the same time.  

The interior of the house defines the overall look of the house and if you are spending so much money on it then you should also give it a great deal of thought. One of the first things that people notice is the flooring of the house as it literally the first thing that they step onto when they go into a house. Flooring should be of good quality and durable as well as it is going to be facing a lot of foot traffic over the years and can be costly to replace. Encaustic floor tiles have made a comeback in recent years and there is a wide variety of encaustic tiles based in Melbourne, ranging from any color that you want to any pattern that you want. You can even get a combination of patterns made that is unique to your house. Flooring should always be done with the maintenance mind for example, you should never consider a wooden floor in the bathroom as they will swell with the moisture and not last for a long time. Similarly, you may choose to have textured floor tiles in Sydney in your kids’ room so that they don’t slip when they are playing. 

Encaustic floor tiles are primarily made from cement and are mostly made by hand. There are also those encaustic tiles for sale that are made from ceramic or porcelain which are cheaper than their cement counterpart but still manage to give an authentic look. The cement ones are made using a steel mold of the design and then the different colored cement is poured into various sections of the design. It is then put into a hydraulic press and pressure is applied so that all the layers form to make a single tile. When looking through encaustic tiles for sale, look for those that not only suit your preferences but also give your room or house a balanced look. Try not to go overboard with the patters as it can create a mismatched look. If you do want to go all out then a kitchen splash back is the perfect area where you can experiment with all the colors and patterns of such tiles. Encaustic floor tiles are the perfect way to make your home stand out and you will have the creative reins in this area as you will be able to choose the different colors and pattens according to your liking. They are a very durable option and don’t stain easily making them suitable for rooms such as the kitchen as well. For rooms  that don’t have much use such as the guest room, you can use the ceramic version to lower your overall cost of flooring.  

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