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Tips To Counter Tension Headaches

Tips To Counter Tension Headaches

Tension headaches have become a common phenomenon among people due to the relationship stress, work pressures and executing activities in poor posture. These headaches tend to be so painful, engulfing one’s whole head that it gets difficult to ignore. There are certain ways to treat or attend the headache and it is not necessary to go to the chiropractor every time to release the muscles and the stress. The most common causes behind triggering the headaches are constantly keeping your head down while staring at your phone, excessive use of computers, constantly playing video games, working in poor posture or stress. The remedy depends upon the type of tension headache you have been suffering from; for instance, if it triggers only when you are stressed out then it is an episodic tension headache while if it happens or recurs on a routine basis then it is a chronic one, requiring medical attention accordingly.  

SB Chiro has been doing great work in this field in order to help people reach their full physical potential. They work in unison with their team of dieticians, naturopathy specialists and chiropractor to help people overcome the dietary shortcomings so they could be able to regain their vitals to fight the condition and stand back up. Most of the chiropractor recommends that a person does not have to visit the doctor to curb tension headache rather a few tips can help them ease the pain, such as: 

Avoid Stress 

It is of utmost importance that you do not let yourself stress over things that bother you, it is difficult but you need to find a distraction. You can indulge in distractive activities to release stress such as yoga or exercising. Also, reduce or limit the number of events which could lead to making you stressed. In simple words by the chiropractor Campbelltown, one must learn to manage its stressful situations. 

Take Breaks 

Never overdo an activity or constantly for a longer time period even if it is about driving from one remote location to another. Also, peeping at your phone constantly while keeping your head down is another trigger. It is better to avoid such situations by taking breaks or pauses in between as this will put a little release on your muscles as well. 

Sleep Straight 

Sleeping straight is a remedy in itself but many of us do not do it. Most of the chiropractor Australia advices to sleep straight or on the side with the support of a posture pillow. Also, one must sleep while keeping the position of its head in a neutral position. When a person sleeps on its stomach then the neck, shoulder and brain muscles get weakened, leading to more chances of having tension headaches. 


One must learn to massage the affected areas around the neck and shoulder to relieve the pain. Use a hard-cane or a ball to massage out the stress in order to relieve the tension. One can also seek help from a chiropractor in Australia in this regard but doing things on your own is the thing here. 

OTC But Keep It Drug Free 

One must opt for the over the counter medicines if the headache is episodic such as ibuprofen, aspirin but it is better if you could get rid of the pain without having to rely on medicines.  

See A Dentist 

If you feel that you always get an attack or a bout of a tension headache whenever you clench your jaws then as per the chiropractor Campbelltown, you need to go to the dentist. You might be having a TMJ syndrome requiring you to wear a mouthguard in order to keep you from clenching unless the matter is healed. 

Last but not least, if the tension headache gets chronic then you can seek help from the chiropractor in your vicinity for the treatment or opt for the acupuncture or can try physical therapy and professional massage practice in order to regain your balance and relieve the muscle tension. SB Chiro is very active in this regard as they do not believe in medicine much rather more on one’s own potential and urge towards healing with the required and right support at hand. That’s what they do and are famous for. 

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