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Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for Your Business Website

Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for Your Business Website

Choosing the right hosting plan can be a challenge regardless of the nature of your business. As more and more companies have now moved to e-commerce, the market is saturated with all manner of hosting plans types. You can get shared hosting, cloud, reseller, dedicated, VPS… the list goes on. So it can be a bit difficult to sort through all of it to choose the plan that fits your needs the best. Read ahead for a brief guide on doing exactly that:

Is Your Website Still Small?

If you just launched your website and the traffic numbers are still small, then shared hosting is the best solution for the moment. Your website will be hosted on a server that also hosts dozens, or even hundreds, of other websites. Shared hosting plans are intended for personal websites, start-ups, and other websites that attract low traffic numbers. Shared hosting plans are incredibly cheap and do not accrue additional costs such as for hardware or software licenses. The downside of shared hosting is that you may experience higher downtimes if at least one website on the shared server suddenly receives more traffic than usual.

Do You Require Near Universal Connectivity?

Do you need to access your website’s server settings while travelling in Iceland? If you run a business where employees may need to access server application from anywhere in the world, then the suitable plan for you is cloud web hosting. These hosting plans utilize cloud technology to host your site on the internet. Your site will be connected to numerous servers, which will handle traffic no matter how high the volume is. So if you occasionally see traffic upticks for your website, a cloud hosting plan will be the best solution for your site.

Are You Anticipating High Volumes of Traffic?

There are two plans that suit website that experience high volumes of traffic. Both dedicated server plans and cloud plans are suitable to handle websites with traffic spikes and very high user activity. Most big businesses traditionally used dedicated servers, which offer more flexibility administration wise to companies. However, now people are making the switch to cloud.

Do You Run More than One Website?

If you need to host multiple websites, then you need a reseller-hosting plan. These plans are partially individual accounts, and also partially a sort of dedicated server plan. You can host several sites with one account and pay a single fee with a reseller plan. Reseller plans do not cost much either. You can spend about $20 per month for a good package. However, keep traffic in mind. Some plans may not be able to handle multiple websites with high volumes of traffic.

Do You Require Flexibility with Software?

If you want to avoid the costs of paying for a single server, but only want all the resources dedicated to a single server, then consider a VPS hosting plan. Your website will be hosted on a server with other sites, but you can use resources just as you like. Websites will not be sharing resources, just server space. This is a great choice when you want more privacy and flexibility with software, but cannot afford a powerful server on your own.

Did the above questions answer the type of server you want? List down all your needs first, and then you will be able to make a good decision.

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