Tips For Choosing Project Management Software

Tips For Choosing Project Management Software

Being in an advertising agency or function and dealing with numerous creative briefs is not a piece of cake. It’s a role that only few can do because of the too many brief requests, short timelines, tight budgets, fewer resources, a continuous loop of feedback, fluctuating status of updates affecting communication. It’s like stretching your team beyond the limits around all of these factors and still, being able to come up with an output. Definitely not a job for the faint-hearted ones! 

Life seems easier when you switch from manual operations to the automated ones. PMS works great for advertising and managing creative for different projects or campaigns. But despite incorporating a software, there could be many issues to encounter that overall usability of software declines or never go at par with the expectations. This mostly happens in cases when you buy a software without considering the minute requirements of your department; it’s not the main things or operations that matter rather the small processes behind it making the whole thing operational. If they go unnoticed in the PMS then your entire visual project plan would become an aisle of misinterpreted communication leading to incomplete executions.  

Admation does a great job in this regard. It streamlines communication and process in a way that every member knows how to interact with their tasks one-on-one while being able to see the impact of that on the overall health of a project at the same time. It’s like your personal yet holistic interface for assigned projects.  

Essential Features of A Marketing PMS 

Advertising, marketing, and creative departments are very dynamic, unlike other organisational functions. Their software requirements have to be minutely considered and incorporated into a solution in order to get the most out of them.  

The most essential features that an advertising project management software must-have are as follows:  

Dynamic Forms 

As different sort of specialised people work on a project therefore, it is important that project management software online should be able to route queries to relevant personnel in a simplified way. So information could be interpreted rightly for a timely and updated execution. Mostly flaws occur during the brief stage, a foundation for any advertising project. Hence, intake forms and project templates should be simple yet dynamic to keep the clients and relevant project member in sync. 

Visual Workload Balance 

PMS should present a visual picture of the progress of the whole project in a way that you should know, which member is occupied where and for how long? Which one has spare time to handle an add-on task? If any member is over-occupied or under-occupied?  

All these things help you in balancing the workload of your team and keeping them from being demotivated or exhausted. This is one of the best features of a marketing project software that has made things easier for many.

Customised Workflow Adaptability 

Advertising is a creative thing and every company deals with it in its own unique ways and processes. Generally, project-based software put a limit or restriction on the ways it can be used. So your team would have to adjust its creative process according to the software. This should not be the case rather an ideal project management solution should be flexible enough to accommodate the uniqueness of your thought processes and workflows.  

File Management 

The heavier file sharing is evident in advertising processes; that too, at a higher frequency. Therefore, it is critical that PMS should manage and tie the relevant files at a relevant spot of a project cycle so it could be easier to locate them. It should also be able to control duplication or multiplication of files in a way that identifying the latest version should not be time-consuming. Having Adobe suite cloud integration is another plus that makes the whole creative process a lot easier on the interaction end during the overall span of a project.  

Seamless & Centralised Communication 

According to the Harvard Business Review, people on job spend 50%+ of their time responding to emails. This leaves them with lesser time to focus on other aspects of their job. An ideal advertising project management software should streamline communication at one place, be it from emails, meetings or chats. Information sharing, updating, and collaborative editing should be in real time with a feature of tagging collaborators. This helps in cutting the feedback time as well as improving the department’s reporting mechanism.  

The underlying purpose of incorporating a project management tool in your department is to enhance ease. But choosing a PMS which would satisfy the department needs is the most critical phase of the whole software selection process. As the overall performance of your department is dependent on that. Admation helps you in identifying not only the needs of your department but also provides you with custom software solutions which are accessible from anywhere, anytime. They, at times, come with the mobile integration as well to take the interactivity at a whole new level, eventually leading to apt executions. 

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