Tiles Are Not The Time Nor Place For DIY

Tiles Are Not The Time Nor Place For DIY

Everybody loves a good makeover for their home, which plays right into the adage that a change can be as good as a holiday. If you don’t have the right amount of money to go on that overseas vacation you had been thinking about for quite a long time, then perhaps you should instead consider ploughing that cash into the place where you spend a lot of time. No, work is not being spoken about here. Instead, what is being spoken about your home; your abode, your place of living where you rest your head and spend time with your family. 

The bathroom 

This can be a very intimate place, where you need privacy and spatial security for yourself as you go to the loo or wash your body ahead of that big date or big interview. Humidity after hot showers and baths can be a real problem, especially if the room is not well aired and doesn’t have an extractor fan or a window or two to open.  This is when the bathroom tiles Penrith have for you can be really helpful. Not that they get rid of the moisture, but the dampness can land on them for you to wipe off shortly thereafter. It also helps to leave the door open when you are done with your bathroom business, leaving the steam and moisture to come out of the room accordingly. 

Your patio 

Getting tiles on this outside in the aforementioned area can really make it that much better. You will need to get non-slip ones, as the dew and overnight rains and other wet elements could send you and your family and your guests slipping and sliding otherwise. You don’t want that. This is not the place to have a porcelain tiles, which have a time and place but not here. They are fragile and not as durable as some discount tiles Sydney that are pretty much made for outdoor use. Porcelain tiles, for instance, can be put in your bathroom – along the walls and inside the shower, where they are not going to subjected to high foot traffic. 

Your bedroom 

It’s not everyone’s preference, but having tiles in the room where you sleep can be quite nice. If you have some nice rugs and mats over the tiles, which can be cold underfoot in winter, where you stand for a long period to look in the mirror and get dressed, this can work well. This could be a good follow up and lead on pattern into your on-suite bathroom too, so your tiled pattern is not broken by the change of room and the on-suite look and feel is then disconnected. That said, you are also welcome to mix it up by having tiles for both, but different shapes and different colours accordingly. This can make the room standout from the rest, but make sure it’s standing out for the right reasons and therefore can certainly increase the resale value for you, if you ever decide that you have to or want to move on. 


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