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The Best senior first aid Ever!

The Best senior first aid Ever!

Wislon medic One is providing World-class health services and pre-hospital care education everything under one roof. Training, employing, professional development courses and lots more. It is providing health solutions Australia wide. Lots of students have been trained professionally and personally. It’s a place where you can get yourself registered as soon as possible to enroll in different courses, i.e., First Aid Courses in Perth, Industrial Health Courses, Paramedic Courses, Refresher Courses and Workplace courses. It is well equipped with over 120 trained doctors, paramedics, ambulance officers and patient transport officers.  

Quick Guide  

Wislon Medic One has privilege to train and teach 6,000 students each year, deliver 8,000 first aid certificates, train 100 paramedic officers and patient transport Officers, and deliver hundreds of customized courses to businesses across the country. Now a days, medical science has proven its technological advancements which make people aware of the fact that one must know about first aid and will be able to give first aid to the people in need. In today’s fast pace world, there is hustle bustle everywhere and we can see a lot of accidents on roads and helpless to do anything. It’s the institute where you can get a professional diploma which can help you to grow professionally.  

Skills You Learn  

The most important thing which makes person professionally groomed is his/ her set of skills and which are needed everywhere. Same is the case with Wislon Medic One which provides learners to learn set of media-skills and help them practicing those skills and use their best of knowledge in every situation. And for you do not have to wait for years to train yourself rather in just one day you can learn that how to handle the situation when in front you your loved ones collapsed. Isn’t it amazing? We used to be very worried when we see a person dying in front of us and we could not make to help that person and live our entire life in blame and melancholy. But now things have changed with Wislon Medic One and you can live a contented life by helping others and you will feel a strong self of determination in yourself.  

Services Being Provided 

It provides a wide variety of health services sharing one goal- customer care service. This makes the heart of person at peace and happy. Providing customer care services is an amazing job as we understand that healthcare presents a duty of care to more than just a patient. If patients will not be treated with kindness and courtesy then they might die before the time.  Care is the ultimate goal of Wislon Medic One. Advanced health solutions are being provided by the enthusiastic and caring team members.  The team is working people of experienced professional who diagnose and find the solution by using modern ways of diagnostics and dealings with the patients which is cost effective also.  


No one can challenge its customer care services and industrial healthy services as its approved poisons permits and Clinical Governance Framework for the provision of paramedics with a ‘Certificate to Practice’. It also deals effectively with the emergency situations. It also has an ability to review or create site policies for injury reporting and management, medical documentation and workplace rehabilitation plans (return to work coordination).  

Commitment to Safety  

It ensures your safety and your loved ones. It is committed to your safety as it is well equipped with paramedical staff and other experienced people in the field who have experience of treating difficult patients and make them able to live and are taking active part in real life situation.  It’s the best a man can get health solutions and even get trained by experience people in the market.  

Easy to Find Us  

The 03 key offices locations are: Melbourne, 68 Henderson Road Rowville VIC 3178, Perth 5-7 Belmont Avenue Belmont WA 6104 and Brisbane Unit 8, 10 Hudson Road Albion QLD 4010. You can even follow us via LinkedIn and Facebook to get to know any type of information whether regarding treatment of any new courses offered in the filed you are interested in.   

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