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The art of designing your space

The art of designing your space

One you’ve bought a house, the next thing that you plan is how to decorate it. Everyone has different image of what their dream house looks like and if you are not skilled enough to do it yourself then you can hire the services of a professional. Interior design refers to enhancements that can be made to the interior of a building that are practical and make it look more attractive. An interior designer is someone who manages the entire project and does all the research and planning. Solutions provided by these professionals are aimed at improving the quality of life and take into account various aspects such as the location of the building and the wants of the clients. Designers start by formulating a two- or three-dimensional plan according to safety and health requirements as well as adhering to environmental guidelines to incorporate the requirements of the client. Furthermore, colours, materials and other finishing touches are finalized to complete the plan.  

Interior design in fundamentally responsible for affecting how you feel in a space which can determine how you function later on. Whether it be a choice of wallpapers to placing a Hamptons dining table in a certain room, each decision reflects the essence of your home. Interior designers are not only responsible for deigning houses but are also employed by restaurants, offices and even hospitals. Restaurants wants designs that make the customer feel comfortable and welcome. They require an open design so that customers have an overview and everything from lighting to layouts plays an important role. For offices; clear cut designs are required that help ensure that the work gets done. In homes, the design affects your mood. People come home from their busy jobs and activities to unwind and relax so even something as benign as the placement of furniture can help determine the environment. Organization can be increased through careful planning of your house as having a clean home can reduce stress levels. Designers come up with solutions that are practical and can accommodate more people if the need arises. If you have a large party every weekend, then you need a dining room with a stylish Hamptons dining table to serve your guests. Your wellbeing is also taken into account and designers make sure that your house meets fire safety requirements among other safety measures.  

Furniture is key element in interior design and has a variety of styles that can help in decorating your dream home: 

  • Antique and vintage furniture. Antique furniture is at least 100 years old and you may need an expert to judge its authenticity. It may be in a somewhat deplorable condition sometimes but can be restored beautifully. Vintage furniture is between 20 and 100 years old and is easier to recognize as it represents a certain style or era. It is easier on the pocket and pieces can be found that are in excellent condition.  
  • Traditional and rustic. Traditional furniture belongs to the Victorian age and is very decorated and embellished. Rustic furniture is combination of styles that result in a more natural interior as it is made from material such as cotton or linen. 

There are also different interior design styles available such as Hamptons style which is inspired from homes of the rich in New York. It is elegant and casual at the same time and is perfect if you want an airy interior where elements of the outdoor can be seen inside. Neutral tones are the basis of Hamptons dining table and other furniture items. Interior design is not only about colouring your walls a certain colour or putting a lamp on a table, it is about incorporating your mood and essence into your space. Different styles can be used and blended without a hitch to create a beautiful mixed home. Designers that are hired have a great eye for detail and know exactly what can improve the look of a certain room. They are highly educated individuals who have the skills to think outside the box and collaborate with architects and other experts to create your perfect home. 

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