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Super Confused? Here’s How To Pick Your Wedding Music! 

Super Confused? Here’s How To Pick Your Wedding Music! 

Is your wedding just months away? Are you overloaded with the action items and the decisions that are yet to be taken? Well, well, we understand how much big of a task is to plan and organize the wedding and to get done with all the arrangements. It is an extremely big hassle, but where’s the fun when you don’t panic a bit during such special times of your life? Simply put, you are going to panic, but this panic is worth the enjoyment that you are going to have on your big day. Having said that, the wedding music plays an integral part in how your big day will turn out to be. Not just the main event, but the other pre and post celebrations you are going to have will all be fuelled by music. As much as we all think that music is the source of fun during the wedding preps, but it causes the most stress to the couple. The friction and fights to decide the favourite music is a bit of a stress. So, what to do and how to get started? Here’s how you can pick your wedding music without causing a mental breakdown. 

Start Right On Time: 

With this title, we don’t mean the ‘right on time’ in a sarcastic way. What we mean is that choosing music seems like a piece of cake, but it takes majority of the time of the couple together. This implies that you should start early and take your fair time filtering out the options and making the decisions on what sort of music you want to be played. It is super hard to list down all the wedding songs you know and choose between them. Not just the simple choice, but putting them all in order as per the event flow is supremely difficult. The right choice for you here will be to opt for acoustic wedding bands, if you are freaking out or don’t have enough time. Otherwise, start early and let the music come naturally to you. Brainstorm, and create a playlist sporadically. You will have the time to create a playlist, scratch it and then redo it as per your preferences. Keep in mind that you must be aware of the latest wedding trends and how the wedding music is being played these days. You wouldn’t want to bore the guests, and spoil the dance mood of the evening.  

Use Your Music Knowledge: 

The easiest way to get your music sorted is to use the knowledge you already have. It means you are obviously going to include your favourites, because there would be no second guesses to that. Immediately put down such songs in your list, so you have some kind of a road map to begin with. Similarly, you must have imagined yourself walking up the aisle together, which means you must have some sort of special song for that in mind too. List that down too. Having the favourites and the ones you have already shortlisted mentally on paper will give you a boost and a skeleton to build your decision upon. We all know that filling the gaps and putting the dots in between the lines is way easier than planning out the entire wedding music together. Now, once you have your ideal songs put together, scroll through your Spotify list or iTunes to pull out the songs that can be played during the wedding functions. You can break them down into slow dances, romantic songs and dinner music, etc. Most of the couples are so focused on perfection, they forget that what hits the moment the most is what matters. So, just go with your choices and flow and do not google a lot, as you will end up confusing yourself more than ever.  

Break The List: 

Once you have made the list of songs that are going to your wedding venue together with you, simply break them down to the playlist as per different functions. Start with the pre-ceremony songs to the aisle song, cocktail hour, dinner and end with the dance party. This way, you will have your entire wedding music in front of you. When done, sit together and finalize the list and lock it together. Do not panic, because you are the only person who is concerned about the wedding music the most. The guests will comment, but they won’t be affected if it isn’t as per their taste. What matters is this is your wedding and you must enjoy it the most.  

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