Staying Safe While Cutting Trees

Staying Safe While Cutting Trees

After a tree has been cut and felled, the small part of its trunk that remains with the roots still inside the ground is referred to as the tree stump. The removal of a tree stump is not quite easy to perform. When your tree has been felled then the presence of its stump appears irrational. In order for you to experience the strong feeling of accomplishment, the tree surgeons have devised some methods for the permanent removal of the tree stump. Prior to going through these techniques let us have a glimpse of the possible reasons in your mind for removing the stump of the tree at your property:  

  1. The stumps become your eyesores: How would you like dotting old stumps in your yard?  Your severity of your visual experience with stumps may grow when you further witness the inevitable growth of weeds and plants over them, thereby blaming yourself for the state of helplessness you think you are in due to the presence of the unsightly stumps. 
  2. Valuable space is taken by the stumps: The stumps can block your way as well as the path of people visiting you, thus projecting an image of a highly mismanaged property onto the visitors as well onto you’re the members of your house or official premises. 
  3. Endangerment: There would be some stumps whose presence would be an obvious element but there could be others who become camouflaged by grass, weeds and some different category of plantation and therefore lead to tripping hazards. What do you think about the possibly hazardous physical damage to yourself, your house members or your visitors? 

Assessment of the tree stumps at your place is of paramount significance since the appropriateness of the techniques to be used for their removal would depend to an extent upon the tree type to which they belong. The stump removal is construed to be more complex relative to the cutting of tree and for the same reason its cost is separately estimated and not included in the price for the tree cutting. 

While removing the stump the hardest activity relates to the roots since they travel deep into the ground and become strong source of stability for the stump. To put simply, smaller and older stumps are easier to remove. Thus, in general, the age and the size of the stump determine the level of difficulty in connection with removal of the stump. The number of stumps to remove is another factor to remember while going through the decision making process of the stump removal at your place. Now, the time has come to talk about the techniques for the tree stump removal Melbourne 

Dig out the stump 

The tree surgeon can dig around the stump and expose the largest ones and then dig further on either side of the stump to expose the maximum amount of roots. These roots should be cut to such length of pieces which sounds manageable to the tree surgeon.  

To yank the remaining roots a hole can be made. Upon successful removal of most of the roots the dislodging of the stump becomes easier though it depends upon the thickness of the roots and the physical prowess of the tree surgeon. The completion time could be from 1 to 3 days. 

Chemical stump remover 

A stump remover helps to soften the stump wood and make it to get rotten faster. Therefore, the tree lopper would drill a series of large holes into the stump and it would be absorbed by the stump. Please take utmost care to keep the chemical away from children. When a few weeks have passed away then the stump can be chopped up and the debris can be disposed off. 

 Burn the stump  

This method encompasses laying wood on top of and around the stump by the arborist Melbourne Western Suburbs so that the stump is completely enclosed by the fire. Your supervision in this regard would be greatly required. After the stump has been burnt thoroughly the flames are extinguished and the stump is dug out. 

 Stump grinding 

The most secure and the fastest manner to remove a stump through the employment of a stump grinder. Its use would reduce the stump to small chips which may be utilised as mulch for the garden. 

In view of your intention for the stump removal, you may appoint a professionally certified tree surgeon with the backing of a sound company to carry out the stump removal process. Any damage to your property or people would be taken care of as the company would hold you covered with insurance. The average cost to remove a tree stump in Australia spans over $ 60 to $ 350 depending upon multiple factors such as the size of the stump. If you do it yourself then it could cost you from $ 75 to $ 150.This article could help you decide how would you like to carry out the stump removal. 

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