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Right Way of Oiling The Ironbark Decking

Right Way of Oiling The Ironbark Decking

Decks are a great way to adorn one’s house or place in an exquisite way but not everyone can opt for it without proper planning and thought process. As the whole process of laying timber on the entrance or the aisle of outdoor tends to be time-taking and expensive. Therefore, it is imperative for the client to first give the plan a complete thought process, secondly, take aboard a thorough professional to do the job at hand and lastly, to take care of the maintenance in the right way in order to avoid wear and tear, damages and rough look. There are different materials available across Australia when it comes to decking, one of the most hyped, however, has happened to be of ironbark. Generally, oiling is considered a necessary step when it comes to taking care of one’s deck but there is a certain precaution that one must adhere to before initiating the oiling process. A well-chosen professional is mandatory in pulling off the whole process because he or she would be the one telling you what to do and when along with the after execution maintenance tips or hacks. There are many timber supplier and deck builder around Australia serving the purpose at hand, Kazman Timber is one of the credible names in this field when it comes to sourcing high-quality timbers and deck constructions. Moreover, their professional consultancy is at par with global standards that ensure that the client knows about all the post maintenance process especially when it comes to oiling.  

Below are given a few tips to follow before oiling one’s deck, such as: 

Pick The Right Timber 

The first task is to choose the right timber material to do the job at hand. Merbau used to be the preferred choice of Aussies due to its cost-effectiveness and high durability. It also tends to be rot and insect resistant. Jarrah, on the other hand, is full of exquisite colours and considered as a preferred choice by most of the homeowners because they want the best. It is damage proof and fire resistant. Ironbark decking has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time; it is fire, rot and termite resistant and also, comes in a range of beautiful brown and red tones. It is heavy and dense therefore at times it gets difficult to work with it.  

Weathering The Deck 

There exists a widespread confusion that whether you should weather the deck or oil it straightaway. Generally, it is preferred to leave the deck for weathering for a good 3 to 6 months so due to sun and rain exposure, tannins could leech out of it. This helps is not getting the stains when oil runs off the deck in excessive quantity. Rule of thumb is to discuss with your Ironbark deck installer Australia that whether you should go for the process or just straight away skip it. 

Clean The Deck 

Next task up in the list after having gone through the weathering process is to clean the deck, you can pour cleaner on it as per the given directions. Then after 15 mins, pour cleaner on the timber and clean it with a soft bristled brush to scrub it so tannins, oil, and dirt could come up. In the end, add sand on the deck to smoothen it up, sweep away the additional dirt. 

Decking Oil 

There are two types of decking oil for Ironbark decking, one has water base while other has non-water base. Most of the oils available nowadays provide UV protection to preserve the timber from sun exposure. These also tend to be fungus resistant. You need to ask your vendor regarding what type of oil would go best with your deck in order to have some professional assistance.  

Choose A Perfect Weather 

Another thing which must be taken into consideration is to choose perfect weather to trigger the oiling at the deck. Perfect weather means sunny one because rain or cloudy weather would form a skin on the deck when oil is applied while sun exposure would help in drying it up as early as possible. Therefore, it is important that you time the weather with the oiling process.  

It is important to take care of the decks if their look has to be kept intact and durable for a longer time period. Getting a professional assistant in this regard is a good idea to serve the purpose at hand. 

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