Popular Fencing Options To Secure Your Warehouse

Popular Fencing Options To Secure Your Warehouse

In today’s digitalised world, every business owner is concerned about their product’s cyber security. Certified security layers are outsourced to protect online payments; a heavy amount of money is invested on producing original content to avoid copyright violations, and IT professionals are hired on hefty payrolls to ensure timely detection of harmful viruses. Whilst these concerns genuinely need to be addressed, there is one security aspect that is not being given due attention in our tech-centric approach: the external security fencing to protect the head offices and warehouses from burglars and thieves.

The outer boundary of the property is the first line of defence of your company which usually manifests in the form of a fence or walls with some kind of barbed coating. The structure of the fence depends upon the local requirements: you will probably prefer electric barbed wires if your locality is vulnerable to terrorist attacks; in case your area has higher crime rates, you will go for a taller wall; and a combination of wooden walls and wires would be preferred if the warehouse location is prone to animal invasion. Let’s have a look at some popular fence types to help you identify the best one for your house, office and in particular, warehouse protection:  

Chain link fence: 

When it comes to warehouse fencing, nothing beats chain link protection in terms of popularity and effectiveness. These types of fences are manufactured with the sole purpose of security in mind. The biggest advantage of this protection is that there is plenty of room to tinker with the chain link both to deter the intruders and creating optical illusions for them. For instance, plastic slats can be sliced into the mesh to produce a visual barrier and soften the appearance a bit. On top of it, you can even think beyond the quintessential grey colouring of the chain fence and chose to give it a different colour tone so as to make the fence look less austere. In short, in chain link fences, you have a concrete and wired structure that is tough to cut through or climb over, making it the most preferred fencing option around the world.   

Palisade fencing 

Palisade fencing is commonly used to protect residential complexes, schools, and offices and is seldom erected around the boundaries of a warehouse. Clearly, this fence is more about beautification purposes and enhancing the visual appeal of a metropolitan property. The security feature, however, is not completely non-existent as this kind of fencing consists of vertical steel posts with a pointed tip that is almost impossible for immature thieves to climb over. Still, they lack that potent deterrence factor that is strongly associated with chain fencing. Conflate this factor with the high cost involved, and you will get to know why palisade fencing is not meant to protect the sensitive properties such as manufacturing plants and warehouses, which are usually located in the suburbs.  

Wood Fences

Typically six feet tall, a wood fence is surely an attractive facade to ornate the exterior of your property. If designed adeptly and appropriately, it can even be used as a security layer around your house, but that would involve additional arrangements which will ultimately disrupt the original purpose of the wooden wall: beauty. Again, the woody privacy fencing cannot be used to protect sensitive buildings, such as warehouse fencing. This type of fence is, therefore, recommended to secure only those bungalows that are located in extremely secured and well-off neighbourhoods. Even if you do prefer a simple wood fence to demarcate a vulnerable building keeping in mind its cost-effectiveness and efficacy against animal invasion, you would do well not to compromise on the larger security threats that are terrorism, burglary, and theft.

By now, the picture must be pretty clear as to what should be the suitable security fence for your residence, office or warehouse. As an Australian citizen, you can surely consider fencing options that cater more to your property’s appearance and less to the security, keeping in mind the auspicious security situation we Aussies enjoy. However, you ought to the reign the security factor supreme while contemplating the safety of your business’ main choke points, such as a warehouse or a manufacturing facility. And the chain link fence with all its varieties is the ideal option to do so. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by securing your property. All you need to do is contact one of Australia’s most trust timber and steel companies.  

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