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One Socket Solution! 

One Socket Solution! 

If there could be one quintessential definition of the contemporary world, it would be called the age of Information Technology. All the work that was performed manually only a few decades back has now been shifted to electronic devices. All of us own multiple electronic devices nowadays from mobile phones to electronic readers, from tablets to iPads etc. Each member of the family owns multiple devices. Such is the situation that we often have to take turns to charge our devices.

Even if someone is lucky enough not to have to share his sockets with the members of the family, even a single person’s devices are so many that he has to charge them one by one. On one hand, this is a waste of time and on another, he is bound to slip every now and then and end up with an uncharged phone the next day. Some devices like a power bank, for example, takes several hours to charge and the routine becomes especially tricky with such devices in the fray. The solution to this problem to charging in turns is to have a power port. It is device, like a conventional USB charger, that is plugged in an electric socket and in turn offers a try of output terminals which can be used simultaneously. 

Car charger 

Many people charge their devices on their way to work from home and vice versa. Similarly, charging has to be done on long journeys and vacations while one is in the car. The cars offer one outlet for electricity and therefore, the passengers have to wait up on the charging of one device before the other one can be plugged in. This problem can easily be solved using a powerport: It offers 6 outlets while requiring only one input. It is a god sent in that all the devices can be charged in a single go. The sleek design and the beautiful finishing make for a welcome addition in the car as a accessory as well. 

Family charger 

The first and foremost use of a powerport is that it can be used as a family charger. Everyone could just bring their power cable and plug it in the powerport which offers enough terminal ports to accommodate half a dozen devices at any given time. There does not have to be a wait before charging the phone or the iPad. All the ports have the same fast charging output and the powerport is designed to withstand the temperature rise of simultaneous use. The other sockets can be freed up and used for other purposes. Even if only one port is being used at any given time, it is still such a good charger in its own right to justify spending a buck. The legs of the Anker powerport 6 offered in Australia for sale are designed keeping in view the Australian electric wiring, so no converter is needed for using the product. 

Office solution 

The phone battery is a commodity which seems to be always in shortage. Many of us who go to jobs get to experience it on daily basis. There is always some colleague who is looking for a phone charger and more than once, all of us have had been that colleague. The Powerport 6 is a neat solution to this everyday office problem. One power port installed in the common room or the kitchen area can be used to charge mobile phones by the whole of the office staff. It is pertinent to reiterate the fact that this powerport is compatible with most of the mobile brands and models in the market. Furthermore, it can pump out as much as 60W of electricity at the same time which is enough to charge 6 devices connected with the ports consecutively. 

The charging of the phone always seems to be running low, especially with the newer, better performing smart phones. It is very uncomfortable to wait for a socket or a charger to free up, even more so when a neat, effective and inexpensive solution like the powerport 6 is available in the market. This gadget can simultaneously charge 6 devices at a fast charging speed and is safety certified to provide a secure experience to the user. 

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