Jumping Castles To Make Those Birthdays Just A Little More Memorable! 

Jumping Castles To Make Those Birthdays Just A Little More Memorable! 

So perhaps your children or some sort of child in your family or friends circle has a birthday coming up soon, you want to do as much as you can for them on their special day and wouldn’t be happy with yourself if you didn’t.  You arrange a kid’s party for them out in the yard and call all of their friends over for a nice big summertime party which everyone can enjoy, kids and adults alike. All you need now is a centre of attraction, but you can’t think of anything which will keep the kids entertained for the entire time. Well, we have a solution for your issue…

Footy Jumping Castles is a company which rents out jumping castles to kids and summertime parties. They cater to every sort of kid’s party and ensure to make the day as memorable and fun for the children as possible. The castles are a great entertainment source for the kids as the can bounce around, play, climb and run through the castles while having a great time with their mates on their special day. You can ensure that the party, will be even more memorable if you hire an inflatable jumping castle for the kids, as it would be a great idea for them to have some fun in. 

The castles are come in a range of styles and themes for the kids to enjoy themselves in. if you the child in question is a soccer fan, consider renting the soccer dome for them on their special day, as it would be specific to their interests. Other than that there are many more options which the kids jumping castle hire Blacktown come in, in fact, there are too many to list. However, some of the most popular castles styles and choices include Sparky the eel and their famous inflatable obstacle course, which kids can run through. A great activity is to test who gets through the obstacle course the best, and fastest and then reward them with some sort of gift or goody bag!
Click here for some fun ideas for things to do in jumping castles!  

So you must be wondering exactly how big the castles are, right? Well, according to their frequently asked questions tab on their website, they have stated that the kids jumping castles for hire will be between 1.7 to 6.5m high, therefore, ensure that the area which they will be placed in will not have any sort of trees or some sort of ceiling above the castle.
Other than that, there is a minimum surface area requirement for the jumping castles as well. Therefore, it would be advisable to check on those depending on which one of the inflatables you choose to rent. If you have any further questions about the surface area which is required, give them a call and find out whatever information you need to know from them, they would be glad to assist you in any way!

Other than that there are some factors to take into account when renting and placing the kids jumping castles for hire.  Footy would like to recommend that you not place the castles near walls or next to tree branches in order to avoid punctures or tears. There are costs to pay if Footy finds some sort of malicious damage to their products. Other than that the prices for rental are added to their website so you can head on over to their pricing tab to check that out. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the travel and holiday surcharges apply when delivering the products at your place. 

Now, we understand that you would want to see the castles which we have been going on about for so long, therefore we would suggest that you go the gallery tab on the website which is here.
Moreover, you can gather whatever information you need from the FAQ’s as well as gauge the opinions which people have left in the testimonial tab.

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