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Introducing You To The Best Dash Cam For Your Car!

Introducing You To The Best Dash Cam For Your Car!

Dash Cams have become a necessity for your car rather than a mere luxury. You could come across many cars in Australia that has dash cams installed in their cars to serve the various purpose while a few others use a mobile phone to record the surroundings but this is not the right way as constant exposure of heat to mobile’s battery would drain away its lifetime. Therefore, a dedicated dash cam is the best way out as it would be useful to claim the insurance with proper footage proof but could also help in identifying the perpetrators who would harm you or your car in one way or the other. If we say that these dash cams are an extension for one’s asset security then it would not be wrong.  

There are many car dash cameras available across Australia but not everyone is aware of which one to buy or which one not to buy because they vary in features and operations to an extent that you cannot identify as a layman which one would outperform the other.  

It is, therefore, necessary to seek help for the professional provider to consult you regarding which would be the best option for your car needs. The Elinz has been doing a great job in this regard cross over the country. There are certain features and specifications that one must pay heed to before making the final purchase, such as: 

High Video Resolution 

It is important that you choose those dash cams for sale which offer you high video resolution and quality to serve the purpose at hand else there is no point. The minimum resolution has to be 720p so it could provide you with sharp footage of car plates, makes and models. Though there are higher resolutions cams up for grabs as well it would mean you have to deal with the larger file sizes. 

Storage Capacity 

It is important that your car dash cam Australia has a minimum of 64gb under its belt in the name of storage capacity because if it’s recording at 720p then the storage for 1 hour long video would stand at 1gb or 2gb while if it is recording at 1080p then the storage need would go up to 6gb for an hour’s recording. Therefore, consider this before investing your money in purchasing the SD card. 

Night Vision Is Important 

We often tend to trade off this feature with the road site street lamp poles or other lightings to serve the purpose at hand but accident can occur at any time and it is not necessary to get the support lumination everywhere; therefore, when you are buying a car dash cam in Australia, ensure that it comes with night vision. 

On/Off With Car Engine 

One must bear in mind that dash cameras Australia are important only when the car is on; therefore you need something with a feature which automatically turns on when the engine starts and vice versa. Because a person can forget about turning it on or off every time he or she steps in or out of the car. So why even bother, get an automatic version. 

Small Sized Cameras 

It is imperative that whichever camera you choose, it must not hinder your line of sight else there’s a high probability of hitting into an accident out of distraction. Always go by the rule that smaller is safer. 

Loop Recording Vs. No Recording 

There are two ways dash cams for sale work when the storage capacity comes to an end; they either start overriding the previously saved footage in chronological order or it just stops recording altogether. It is however lesser risky to choose that camera which would start recording in loops instead of stop working.  

GPS Syncing 

There are cameras available in the market which incorporates GPS functionality in it. You can use the GPS location with dates, speed limits, time and location in those cases where video footage does not turn out to be a sufficient proof or you have been charged with speeding ticket unfairly. It is an optional though but comes quite handy when needed. 

There are those camera types available as well which come in two parts one for the front and second for the rear part recording because it is not necessary that you get hit from the front but the back end is equally vulnerable as well. It is just full coverage protection through footage so a good consideration when it comes to buying a dash cam for your car in Australia. 

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