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Integra welcomes you for all Industrial or Commercial Cleaning Services!

Integra welcomes you for all Industrial or Commercial Cleaning Services!

Integra Cleaning Solutions, best to aim in making the workplace cleaner, more beneficial and builds the new standard for top-notch business cleaning administrations at the most serious cost. We gain a good reputation for value cleaning sector. When you pick us the difference is the individual contact you’ll get. We go far beyond building a friendship with our customers so that they regularly feel completely fine with our administration. We will work with you to develop a cleaning system that is fully custom-fitted for your office. 


Integra Cleaning Solutions is located in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast and is one of the leading cleaning companies there. They offer commercial cleaning services to different commercial venues such as offices, retail, healthcare, hospitality and transport industries. Some of their specialties are given below: 

  1. Window Cleaning  
  1. Washroom Services 
  1. Hard Floor Maintenance 
  1. Office Cleaning 
  1. Carpet Cleaning and Fabric Care 
  1. Waste management and Recycling  
  1. High Rise Window Cleaning 

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning: 

Not only in Commercial sector but Integra is dealing in Industrial cleaning too. Their staff is very well trained for a high class cleaning service. You can find them in Caboolture, North Lakes, Radcliffe and many more areas. 

Cleaning Types: 

Integra is dealing in all type of cleaning services which are as follows: 

Carpet or Febricula care: Their team utilizes the most recent steam and clean-up machinery and strategies to make sure your own flooring has conducive to healthy surroundings. They are offering the best floor and fabric cleaning advice under the supervision of highly trained professionals. 

Hard Surface Maintenance: Affected by an experienced and highly trained community they work at their best and you can trust that they can protect your company. We owe marble, stone, terrazzo and vinyl surfaces the best reclamation strategies for floors. Additionally, they make sure that you check the day-to-day floor support so it can best stay on it. 

Mechanical Cleaning and Specialized Services: Talking about their specific administrations, they have the most experienced group that will help you make sure what strategy and material is best for you. They are most popular in business and cleaning industry. These usually have the most efficient and profitable means of transmission as they use apparatus, for example, ride on sweepers, scrubbers, or high weighted cleaners. 

Washroom Services: A clean washroom is the basic unit of a clean house and they are providing the best washroom cleaning services. Their range includes environment Comfortable reusable toilet roll and tissues, hand body washes or bath towels. They are providing the best consumable washroom items inside your budget. They deal directly with the long lasting suppliers which helps them get the best and durable things to their customers.  

Waste Recycling and Management: Like their other services Integra is offering a huge one waste management in Sunshine Coast. The services include the following: 

  1. General Waste 
  1. Plastic Recycling 
  1. Paper Recycling 
  1. Toner Cartridges 
  1. Secure Destruction document. 
  1. Fluorescent one lighted tubes 

Window Cleaning and High Access: Coming to most prominent specialty of Integra that is their window cleaning based in Caboolture. Integra operates with the help of trustworthy contract staff to ensure administrative transportation to high-risk areas, but you do not need to emphasize that in light of which Integra works with it for its clients by ensuring that management processes and secure work methods are covered and unsafe before the start of work. They provide the high and hard to access commercial window cleaning and dust control in industrial areas such as warehouses.  

Integra makes sure that their staff is highly trained and equipped with the best possible equipment so they can provide the best services. Some of the industries they are dealing in are given below: 

  1. Commercial Office 
  1. Retail 
  1. Industrial 
  1. Healthcare 
  1. Hospitality 
  1. Transport 
  1. Leisure 
  1. Sports 
  1. Entertainment 

Environment Friendly:  

One thing you will love most about Integra is that they use biodegradable products for window cleaning and they rarely use chemicals only when it’s needed. These new technologies will help the customers without harming or putting any negative impact on environment.  

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