Importance of Cloud In Small Business

Importance of Cloud In Small Business

At the initial stage, all small businesses have to face many challenges. One such challenge is the lack or shortage of resources. Normally, when a business or a company starts with a handful or certain number of employees, they are supposed to be engaged for all sorts of works of that company. This means they have to be multitasking persons. They have to do all the tasks, like payroll, data storage, web hosting, collaboration and communication also. So it is very obvious that a period or stage will come that these employees will feel exhausted i.e. those tasks will be too much for them. Exactly then the need of clouds occurs or arises. With the help of clouds a variety of benefits are offered to small to medium businesses. With clouds, small business can actually access the technologies which were once beyond their reach or imagination. They do not have to think or get involved about the servers, network infrastructures, applications updating and data centres maintaining. Thus for small to medium business, the cloud market is growing faster with technological advancement. Remember cloud computing has many benefits for small to medium businesses.

Business ICT also offers office 365 migration services. With this many small to medium business are converting or changing or migrating to cloud and are enjoying and experiencing immense benefits which were once out of reach. In reality cloud computing means immense changes for small business.

Now you can think that actually what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is nothing but simple computing which is internet based. It allows people to access the applications via internet. When you use the social networking sites, you are actually using the cloud computing. Often you check your bank balance with the phone, then actually you are using the cloud computing. So in our daily life we are actually using the cloud computing every time and are enjoying its benefits. We are becoming dependant on this cloud computing. It is making our lives easy as well as comfortable and we can rely on it very easily.

Importance of cloud in small business:-

It provides both reliability as well as availability. Using cloud means that your data is always available.

It provides unlimited storage. It has no physical restrictions regarding data storage. If you are running short of space, the storage plan gets quickly increased. So no need of any additional or extra cost.

It provides a disaster proof system. Any sort of disaster, cloud computing always gives a solution to small business to minimize the risk factor of data loss. As the hosting is done somewhere else, it continues its work even if there is a power cut, system breakdown or some other crisis. Thus it ensures that the backup is there and can be recover in few minutes.

It provides security to the protected data. Your entire data will remain encrypted to the clouds so that the cyber criminals cannot access them.

It provides a hassle free network management. Cloud computing will take all the responsibilities of maintain, upgrading and monitoring the network.

It provides a lower cost.

It reduce IT expenses as IT is very expensive.

It improves the cash flow.

Its software updates are automatic.

It improves the control over documents.

It gives a better collaboration.

So at the end we can say that cloud services are not only beneficial for us, but also it provides multifacilities to us. We can be benefitted in several ways through cloud services.

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