How Fashion Has Changed

How Fashion Has Changed

Throughout the years there has been much that has changed with modern fashion. In the modern world fashion is often functional and people often dress to what is need of them in their day to day lives. But, even though fashion has become a lot more orientated toward function there is still a huge space for the form of clothing and different styles and designs are emerging from different fashion houses both big and small. It allows you to pick and choose how you want to look so you can be yourself, an individual who doesn’t have to look like anyone else but themselves. 


The most versatile fashion piece 

There are many different ways that a modern man is able to style himself and it all begins with the right shirt. Formal mens shirts online are far and wide the most versatile piece of clothing you can add to your wardrobe. They come in an obscene amount of different styles, fabrics and colours and can be worn and should be worn at any occasion. Just like with any other item if clothing its style changes where and what it should be worn for such as the differences in slim, skinny and straight fit jeans and chinos.  

Styles and colours of shirts 

The different styles and colours of shirts are taken into account to ensure you don’t end up wearing something inappropriate for the occasion or the event that you are at. For casual events there is really no limit you can wear any style of shirt with any colour and it will be more than suitable. For more formal events though darker colours are usually preferred but, if it is a suit that you are pairing the shirt with the most timeless and most common colour chosen to wear Is white. It all depends on our personal style and what you do and don’t like. There are an amazing variety of styles of shirt fit for different occasions from Style Shirts. As previously stated if you are going for a more casual look there are really no limits, you can wear a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, a standard crew t-shirt, a V-neck and for those of you with a bit more muscle to show off you could decide to wear a tank top. For formal events though our best bet would be to wear some sort of a long sleeve shirt that is a darker colour like black or nay blue or the good old classic white. 

Guidelines and final advice 

Choosing what you want to wear for an event can be a nightmare and may take a good amount of time as you know that how you present yourself to others is very important so that you may feel confident in yourself so there is one basic guideline you should follow. For formal events white and dark colours are the gold standard and only button up shirts should be worn. In most instances it comes down to personal preference and how funky you are wanting to dress and as long as you feel good and comfortable with what you are wearing, go for it. 

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