Hip Replacement: 5 Key Benefits Of Outpatient Surgery 

Hip Replacement: 5 Key Benefits Of Outpatient Surgery 

Surgery is an undesirable form of treatment for most people due to obvious reasons: risk of human errors, fear of being passed out, long spell of hospitalisation and even fear of death make people wary of operations. And when it comes to hip or knee replacement, the hesitation is real. It stems from the fact that replacement involves removal of a painful joint with arthritis and its replacement with an artificial joint. So, even the thought of having a joint made from plastic and metal components sends chills down the people’s spines. Total joint replacement is the last resort to provide adequate pain relief; however, patients still prefer to eschew this treatment method mainly because of the usual three-week post-operation stay at the hospital. This takes a major toll on not only patient’s time and money, but their relatives also suffer. Such elongated stay means costly meals, hefty doctor fees, and room fair on daily basis, making your already troublesome life tougher. Today, the total hip replacement Melbourne has come a long way. You have the option to choose between inpatient and outpatient surgery options. In case you opt for the latter, you will be discharged immediately after the surgery. Let’s have a look at five major benefits of preferring outpatient anterior hip surgery: 

  1. Minimal Pain

Being humans, we not only feel pain; we express it as well, rather instinctively. This makes us extremely wary of any kind of surgical procedure, let alone the scary-sounding joint replacement. The option of outpatient surgery, then, is no less than a blessing in disguise as it involves minimal post-operation pain. If you do resort to this method, you won’t need a pain pump or pain-giving painkillers. Instead, a spinal injection will numb your hip area for a couple of hours and after the surgery, the long-lasting anesthesia dose will help extenuate pain for up to two days! 

  1. FewerBlood Transfusions 

Excessive blood requirement is another reason people avoid surgeries. However, outpatient operations are different as in they involve very few blood transfusion episodes owing to better technology, improved technique and superior medications that prevent disproportionate loss of blood. Therefore, the blood factor along with the enhanced surgical insight make the outpatient hip replacement all the more appealing an option.  

  1. Better Infection Control

No matter how hard a hospital tries to implement standard infection control procedures, there is always chance that the patient or their relatives will be hit by an infection; and the longer the stay at the hospital, the higher the chance of infection onslaught. Against this backdrop, an outpatient operating procedure is the best option because of the minimal time spent at the hospital. This is how it lowers the chances of infection in your surgery site. 

  1. Quick and Better Recovery, at Home 

If you are discharged from the hospital on the same day as surgery, you will get the chance to reinvigorate yourself at your home. You will be getting better sleep, familiar surroundings, healthier food and, above all, a peaceful sleep.  Only outpatient surgery can provide such ease.  

  1. Faster, more aggressive physical therapy

Another conspicuous benefit that comes with outpatient hip surgery is the presence of a physiotherapist with you all the time. As you arrive at your home, they will start working with you right away and train you in such a way that the newly installed joint will start functioning quickly as well as smoothly. The therapist will also delineate tips and techniques to perform designated exercises in a pain-free manner. It is pertinent to mention here that a failure to follow physio’s manual can lead to dislocation of your newly replaced hip joint.  

Clearly, when it comes to total hip or knee replacement, the outpatient surgery is far superior an alternative that will allow you to recover better and faster at home. The only impediment that stands astride your convenience to leave the hospital at the earliest is your ability to prove yourself as a strong candidate before the doctor to avail the outpatient option. For this, you need to show the willingness to follow your doctor’s post-surgery instructions. Last but not the least, availing the services of the best local orthopaedic surgeon is the must. To this end, be informed about the renowned Aussie doctor who specialises in anterior minimally invasive hip replacement and hip arthroscopy, as well as the latest in hip and knee replacement surgical techniques. 

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