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Do You Need A Cover For Your IPhone X? 

Do You Need A Cover For Your IPhone X? 

How much does it cost to repair IPhone X? 

If you’re gotten the new IPhone X, you’d most likely be in the phase of admiring its amazing design, from the screen-size to the curved edges; everything. The last thing you’d want is to cover it with some cover. Putting on a cover is like killing its detailed design and hiding away the finishing of its elegant look. However, keeping a device this expensive without a cover really means living on the edge. This is because, despite the strength that the phone holds, according to its manufactures, it is still not unbreakable. This means dropping the phone from a little more than ‘safe height’ or any other mishap can cost you a lot. If you went for the standard warranty, you get apple support for a year that includes basic repairs. However, if you went for the AppleCare plus that costs an additional $199, you get an extended warranty of 2 years. In this warranty, you need to pay only $29 for screen damage and $99 for any other damage. This does sound affordable, but the initial $199 in addition to the $1000 you paid for the phone, makes it an expensive deal. This calls for protection that you get using a cover. While this may hide your phone’s sleek design, this does save your phone not only from expensive damages, but also some scratches that your phone definitely gets over a period of time. 

Why do you need Cover for IPhone X? 

The previous section gave a brief demo of how much would it cost to repair an IPhone X. But, that were only the common problems and damages that IPhone users used to face till date. The new IPhone comes with revolutionary improvements such as the edge-to-edge screen and lack of any bezel in the screen. Although this gives the phone its unique look, it also puts it at more stake than the previous models. For example, the edge-to-edge screen is more susceptible to cracks and fractures. A slight damage to the corner can result in crack on the screen. Moreover, the exposed screen is also be more likely to get damaged if dropped from a height. These features make the phone easier to be damaged. Now speaking of the cost, it will certainly be higher than the repairs before because of the cameras in the notch that is connected with the screen. This creates technical complexities in repairing which calls for some extra money.  As for the back of the phone, despite the claim of its strong nature, it is still breakable so if your phone drops on concrete, the result won’t be pleasant. You can save yourself from all this trouble to buy iphone x covers that not only protects your phone from scratches, but also saves it from light impacts.  

Does it fit on IPhone XS? 

If you’re someone who changes their phone too often and you’re wondering whether spending on a cover is a good idea when you’ll be upgrading to the new IPhone XS in a while, you certainly should. This is because you can use the IPhone X cover on IPhone XS. The dimensions of IPhone X are the same as IPhone XS. The only difference is the size of the camera which might feel like a bump on XS. The camera on IPhone XS is about 32% bigger than the camera on X. In exact figures, the camera bump on XS is 25.50mm while on X, the camera bump is 24.13mm. Due to slight difference, the apple sight does not suggest using IPhone X’s cover for IPhone XS, but it certainly fits it if you have the cover already and you’ve upgraded to XS.

Some Popular types of covers 

Thanks to the worldwide terrific sale of IPhone X, you can get a wide range of cover types for your IPhone X. These range from silicon bumpers than protect your phone without hiding its details, to leather covers that, in some cases, can even hold your cards. There are also slim cases that make you almost forget having a cover on your phone. These covers are primarily used for protection against scratches. Other than that, there are several other covers made from different materials, offering different looks and protection levels.  

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