Celebrate Your First Baby’s Arrival!

Celebrate Your First Baby’s Arrival!

What is a baby shower? It is a manner to celebrate the birth of a child whether it relates to an expected or the delivered one. Presents are forwarded to the mother at a get together. There are some cultures where baby shower is conducted not for the child birth but for the conversion of a woman into a mother, meaning acquisition of the status of motherhood, moreover these cultures boast of having various names for baby shower. The term, shower, refers to showering the expectant mother with gifts. In general, this is carried out for the first child of the family and only women are the asked to participate in the celebration party. In recent years men have also been attending the shower thus the scope of attendance has been widened. The activities in connection with the baby shower comprise playing of theme based games and the giving of gifts.  Although the presents are usually opened in front of the guests at the party sometimes the host would form a game related to the opening of presents. 

In addition, the box, commonly wooden, is reusable and forms a great receptacle for the tiny objects for the coming home baby. The first year of the baby is rampant with moments of amazement which the mother would always like to remember and cherish. The baby shower presents further encompasses:  

  1. Critter wrap bath towels. 
  2. Famous classical books such as regarding about counting, colours, flowers and much more.   
  3. White ceramic kitty doubles. 
  4. The baby blue Moby bath thermometer. 
  5. Iconic science themed objects. 
  6. Wooden camera. 
  7. Robots. 
  8. Sneakers. 
  9. Airplanes. 
  10. Baby activity mat. 
  11. Moccasins. 
  12. Baby bodysuit. 
  13. Ultra soft and smooth crib sheets. 

The presents for mom included as well: 

  1. Baby friendly teething jewellery. 
  2. Beaded necklaces. 
  3. New mum gifts
  4. Keepsakes.
  5. Personalised board books. 
  6. Baby’s nursery decor. 
  7. Blank frame bib. 
  8. Tongue-in-cheek pacifier. 
  9. Felt and thread. 
  10. Hooks and screws. 
  11. Building blocks. 
  12. Stuffed animals. 
  13. Wool owl. 
  14. Baby Robe. 
  15. Pillowcase. 
  16. Baby’s library. 
  17. Compartmentalised mini mat for dinner time. 
  18. Growth chart. 
  19. Lamp. 
  20. Ceramic elephant lamp. 
  21. Polar bear play mat. 
  22. Terry cloth robe. 
  23. Moses baskets. 
  24. Play bundle. 
  25. Giraffe-shaped wicker basket. 
  26. Cradle. 
  27. Stroller/troddler. 

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There is a prominent baby present called Ergobaby that lets you as the mom to keep moving while your baby is close to you literally. It can be referred to as your weary back and is construed as secure and simple in connection with its usage. Another baby shower gift could be the bedside bassinet that enables the parents in general and the mom in particular to have their baby by their side at night and also functions as free standing bassinet in the nursery. The cot has a lot of room for the baby to move around and completely airy in addition to being available along with a mattress spread over on the base of the cot. 

The baby shower presents are reflective of the value the Australian community accords to the mom, father and their first baby. This indeed represents the amazing reality that human life is such an important element of our lives in this world that despite our wars and communal riots, we respect human beings and want that our families should move ahead and one more thing to add here at this juncture is the realisation by the Australians that the addition of the first baby to the family greatly raises the status of the lady to mom and that of the husband to father, this change is in reality such a dimension that is too subtle to explain in words. 

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