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Breast Specialist For All Your Needs!

Breast Specialist For All Your Needs!

There are so many major changes that a woman goes through in her life. Whether it is socially and culturally influenced or not, one of these major changes – and perhaps the biggest change of all – is the one that she goes through when she hits puberty and her body begins to change. Women’s bodies are always expected to be up to a certain level of perfection, and this idea is constantly thrown at us as we see pictures of models and actresses all over the media, with their perfectly proportionate bodies. Having breasts that just don’t match up to this standard can be very damaging for our self esteem, and can have us feel bad about our body at all times. If you feel dissatisfied with the shape or size of your breasts, going under the knife can be the best choice for you, as it can be the best way to uplift our self esteem and feel comfortable in our own skin. In addition to this, women can sometimes need breast related procedures for medical reasons as well. These procedures can overall improve our standard of living, as the cosmetic procedures can really help us be more comfortable in our skin, and the medical procedures can make our lives healthier.

These are the three main breast procedures that are performed.

  1. Of all the breast surgeries out there, breast augmentation surgery Sydney is the most popular. This surgery is great for all the women who are not satisfied with the way that their breasts look. This can include being dissatisfied with the size, and also the shape. Implants can help combat both of these issues. The breast implants can come in just a variety of shapes and sizes, so that anyone can get the most perfect, symmetrical breasts. Sometimes our breasts can even shrink over time due to weight loss or after pregnancy, and this surgery can be a great way for us to feel like our old selves once more. The implants can be made to look as natural as possible, so they can be a huge pick me up for any girls out there who feel that their breasts aren’t good enough.
  2. While many may think that people usually only opt for getting their breasts enlarged, breast reduction surgeries also commonly take place. These surgeries are more medical in nature, as they usually take place when the breasts are way too big to be handled. Bigger breasts usually come with all sorts of problem such as back pain, soreness and can even lead to the woman feeling overly conscious of herself. Breast reduction surgeries can give us so much more mobility and can help us get rid of the aches and pains and soreness that come with bigger breasts. On the cosmetic side, this surgery by a breast specialist can help us be the breast size that we want, so that everything looks proportionate.
  3. Some breast surgeries performed by a breast specialist are entirely medical in nature. As we all known breast cancer is amongst one of the most common forms of cancer in the world, and is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia alone. Surgeons can remove the affected area of the breast, along with some healthy tissue to prevent the cancer from spreading. This can undoubtedly be a most trying time for the patient, but with a skilled surgeon the spread of the disease can safely be prevented. Furthermore, a skilled surgeon can even assist in breast reconstruction post surgery, so that we don’t just go back to feeling the way that we once were, but we also look just the way we were.

Dr. Girardi is a highly skilled surgeon who can assist any woman who wishes to undergo any of the aforementioned procedures. Whether you’re looking for a more cosmetic procedure, so that you feel great about yourself, or if you need help of a more medical kind, Dr. Girardi can be of great assistance. For cosmetic procedures, he can consult you keeping your needs and your best interests at heart, so that you never regret enhancing yourself. For the medical procedures, Dr. Girardi can guide you on what needs to be done, and can be the most caring surgeon to be operated on by.

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