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Are Bongs The Best Way To Smoke?

Are Bongs The Best Way To Smoke?

This question has been in the existence since the bongs came into existence. Are bongs the best way to smoke marijuana or what we call weed? While there have been debates, heated conversations and many a arguments, the answer is quite self-explanatory. Yes, bongs are definitely and always will be the best way to smoke marijuana. Those who are against it can come up with whatever facts they want to, and they have come up with the solid ones, but there is no doubt left in the plain fact that bongs are and will remain superior as a way to some weed. If we come to the general terms, bongs are commonly known as water pipes. They have been designed in such a way. Scratch that! They have specifically been designed to get you high in a very short amount of time. So, a smoker’s haven! One hit and you would be long gone into the realms unknown. No kidding here! 

If we come to a bit of the history, bongs or water pipes have been in the mainstream for centuries in one form or another. Do you know hookah or remember it? Well, bongs are just the modern-day alternative or precisely a descendant of them. The origin of bongs has come from the Africa, or so it is believed, because Hookah originally bloomed in the areas and it was so long ago that we have only excavations to prove the fact. However, it goes on to prove that smoking weed and being high has been in the mainstream for quite a long time. What’s more is that in this day and age, it cannot be considered a commodity, because cheap glass bongs can easily be found and replaced with all your mainstream extravaganza while smoking weed. In fact, glass is now the IT thing and it is a go-to for all the pipe and bong makers. Due to the fact that it provides convenience to the smokers and a craft from the makers, it has turned into a booming industry. There are intricate and beautifully carved glass bongs available in the market. This only goes on to prove our point that bongs definitely are the best way to smoke weed. 

Moving on to the types of bongs available these days. By and large, they are divided into two; scientific and artistic. We think the names are self-explanatory. Scientific ones are those that have more of a lab-equipment appearance. On the other hand, artistic ones are those that are more colorful, pleasant in appearance and definitely a work of art. Now, it depends on you and your taste, as to which one you prefer over the other. As far as the use of bong is concerned, it is self-explanatory, and no sciences are involved. The smoke fills the piece and once it is done, you pull the bowl out of the slide to clear it. It means that the taller your bong is, the more room you get to fill the smoke. However, we won’t give one size an edge over the other because it depends on the personal choice and preferences. If you want to opt for a cheap glass option, go for a smaller one. The entire purpose of this article was to tell you what gives bongs a weight over the other options out there. Simply put, it is their use. What makes them unique is their use of water. As compared to dry pipes, they have a water chamber that cools down the smoke, so it can be drawn smoothly and easily. The water acts as a percolator, which is a filtration and diffusion process. Many bongs come with a second one for added filtration. However, if your bong does not have one, you can easily add one for your ease. 

All in all, there is nothing wrong in saying that bongs present a luxurious way of smoking. Though they are usually associated with those who have money, as they present extravaganza and luxury. However, with the cheap options available these days, you might just as easily become the part of bong smoking culture. Simply, to decide which bong is going with your personality depends on what you are looking for. If you are one of those who are into easy-to-use equipment, bongs are your way to go. No doubt in that. 

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