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All You Need To Know About Glass Pool Fencing!

All You Need To Know About Glass Pool Fencing!

A glass pool fence is a type of fence created around the pool for the purpose of safety. Safety from the young children so that they cannot climb over the glass or go through them, young children of 0-5 years are not allowed to swim therefore, glass pool fence is created around the pool. Secondly, it’s not just for a safety purpose in fact glass pool fence added beauty in the view of the pool. Glass fence is fixed with the special posts that are made up of aluminium or stainless steel. In foreign countries pool is not consider complete until the glass fence made around it. Many questions according to glass fencing arise in minds and the answers of those questions are here: 


Is glass pool fencing necessary? 

Basically fencing around any pool is necessary only if the pool’s water depth is 300mm (30cm) or more than it, then the pool is definitely be fenced by the glass for the protection of children or toddler from drowning. Glass fence is most suitable fence for the pool side areas due to their stainless steel posts. 


Why glass pool fencing is popular? 

The reason why glass pool fencing is popular these days is simple – glass fencing is transparent so it does not obstruct your view it’s completely see through. The parents can easily supervise their kids from outside the pool area, and they can enjoy the pool area with no bars in their way. fencing Gold Coast is fantastic in look wise and it’s easy to maintain and clean the glass fence. 


Is glass pool fencing is safe? 

The most important and logical question is whether glass pool fencing is safe? So the answer is yes, as the glass is used is toughened safety glass, it’s very unlikely to break because of its thick material glass but in special case if it will break into small pieces it does not harm to people or cause any cuts. The glass panels are fixed very securely so there is no chance of removal of glass until it will not uninstalled by self.  


On what surfaces the glass fencing installed? 

Glass pool fencing can be installed in many of surfaces. Concrete and cement are the most common – all you need is to drill holes in surfaces and fix the posts in which glass can be fixed. Glass pool fencing can be installed in the garden beds and lawns easily, all you need as we discussed earlier to know how to fix the posts properly and securely. 

Here are some of the advantages regarding to glass pool fencing: 

  • The first and foremost aesthetically pleasing advantage of glass pool fencing is that you can see through it, you can keep an eye on your children without having to sit right by the pool. Furthermore, it does not obstruct your view. 
  • The plug that contain the glass sheeting and keep it up should be of stainless steel or of aluminium pool fencing.They are firmly attached to the concrete base and very short so they are not obtrusive to look at. 
  • It is very strong. Tempered glass goes through a process of being heated and then cooled quickly. If anyone falls against it, the glass will not break easily because of its thick material. 
  • A glass fence cannot rust so there is no need of painting or coating over it. You can wash it easily as u can, you can wash it even with a detergent if u wanted to instead of relaxing in the pool.  
  • Glass makes you feel mesmerising and you feels fresh because glass protects the pool from the direct sun, even glass covering is also mean being able to grow plants in the garden which need warmer temperatures and little wind to grow well. 
  • When sitting by the pool you don’t need to forego the pleasure of admiring your garden because the fence makes it invisible. The glass fence allows you to see your beautiful flowers and shrubs from your pool or from anywhere. 
  • Glass pool fencing is approved for pool fence as it meets all the Australian safety measures which consider necessary for such a fence. 

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