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5 Tips For Colorbond Fence Maintenance

5 Tips For Colorbond Fence Maintenance

Fencing is considered an important aspect in a house or any commercial property in order to provide privacy as well as protection to the given area. There was a time when chainwire fencing was commonplace across Australia but today, things have been moving a notch upwards towards timber fencing and colorbond fencing, the later one is in particularly important when it comes to keeping eyes off the offices, or industrial spaces. The reason behind Aussie’s skewness towards colorbond fencing is the durability factor as well as the low maintenance cost and routine that follows afterward while other materials require a lot of attention and care, once installed. AH Fencing in Australia has been doing a great job in this regard crossover since eon, they are considered one of the best suppliers of domestic as well as commercial fencing while having the capabilities of rendering installation services of all kinds for almost every type of fence. Their craftsmanship, customer service, and professional approach have earned them a good name in a really short time span throughout the country.  While choosing any kind of fence, one must never ignore the maintenance cost and efforts that it would require, in fact, aftercare services are the real deal here because the fence is going to stand still at a given location so, in order to have it serve the purpose at hand correctly, one needs to take care of it especially after the installation.  

Considering this, below are given a few tips to help you maintain the colorbond fence in its right condition after installation, such as: 

Watering The Bottom Part 

The cobwebs tend to gather around the fences which starts to mar the look of the fence, therefore, it is important to opt for the colorbond fencing than others as it would require lesser intricate maintenance in this regard than others. Figure out the colorbond fencing prices Brisbane, then once installed, you need to water the bottom area with a hose regularly in order to get rid of the cobwebs. The fence would not get damaged by the exposure to water, even rainwater would do the job at hand. 

No Solid Build Up 

When you buy the colorbond fence Australia and place it on the location then it is important that you keep the soil level below the base as in no way soil should rest beside the fence for retaining purpose. Soil tends to contain water in it and if the water stays in contact with the colorbond for longer than it starts to corrode while damaging the fence. Therefore, whenever you come across a soil build up across the fence, put it down by using a shovel. 

No Fertilizers Or Touch up Paint 

It is important that you do not use any kind of soil spray or fertilizer near the bond fence as this would harm the fence. Similarly, when you see a color at the bottom has been worn out or faded away or there’s a patch then you should not try to paint it else there would appear a bloat of paint which would not look nice; reason being, the manufacturers of colorbond fence in Australia use protective layers of specialized paint on the fence which cannot be mended with regular paint of eroded. Therefore, it is important not to engage in any such feats. 

Water Based Acrylic Exterior Paint 

If you want to work on the paint look fence to justify the value of colorbond fencing prices Brisbane then it is important that you clean it for soil or dust particles first, you can use a hose to serve the purpose at hand. Afterward, let it dry and then apply only water-based acrylic exterior paint on it. Two coats should be sufficient to do the job at hand. However, this could make your warranty on the fence stand at a void, therefore, inquire beforehand.  

Action Against Vanalization 

When you put the fence at the outdoor and it gets vandalized by the local graffiti artists then the instant feeling is of killing someone. However, you would like to remove the graffiti art but without breaching the warranty guideline, to do so, you need to contact your provider in order to come up with a solution.  

Though colorbond fence requires minimal effort in terms of maintenance still it is important to take care of it in order to give it longevity and durability at the same time. 

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