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5 Things To Avoid In Commercial Ice Machine Units

5 Things To Avoid In Commercial Ice Machine Units

No matter how much a person knows about his or her business, one can never be sufficiently aware enough to make the commercial purchases without committing any mistakes. Same is the case in the restaurant industry, you need to equip your kitchen with a range of tools, equipment, and machinery in particularly that it gets difficult at time to make a sound decision if there’s no prior guidance available.

The industry specific ice machine units are one such thing which would consume your utility resources, a major chunk of your money and space, therefore, it is of paramount importance to make the buying decision with thorough research in order to avoid the recurrent mistakes. The Ice Machine Direct in Australia has been working towards customer servicing cross over in order to help its clients in making the right decisions with respect to production capacity, cost involved, placement and the type of machine requirements. There’s a reason they have become a favourite go-to vendors for buying high end commercial ice making units in Australia.

There is a wide variety of models and ice making options available in the market which could make a person overwhelming and confusing at the same time whilst skewing it towards making a wrong decision in the rush of the moment. Considering this, below are given a few of the common mistakes that one must avoid while buying an ice machine in Australia, such as:

Under Capacity Ice Machine 

When there’s an ice machine for sale then the biggest fear is to buy something which performs under-capacity to your needs. This would mean buying a smaller unit which might not be able to fulfil your needs on the busy nights or may the speed of production is too slow that you could not attend your client on time. These are few of the many things that one must pay heed to in order to avoid making the most common and costly blunder in the commercial ice machine buying activity. The rule of thumb is to consider what your business requires from a machine in terms of production then add 20% as a safety buffer to it in order to make a better and more sound decision.

Incompatibility With Water Supply 

Another mistake to avoid when an ice making machine is on sale in Australia is when it does not sync with the plumbing structure of your setup. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity that your purchase must fit into the current plumbing setup in order to avoid getting failing grade from the restaurant inspector, leak valves or undersized ice flakes, to name a few. In addition to this, your machine has to be compatible with the floor drain as well rather it must be in the proximity of it. For this purpose, you must read the local building codes of your area to come up with a better plan.

Wrong Type of Machine 

There are three types of ice making machines in Australia; modular which can produce from 250 to 1000 lbs of ice per day, under-counter can produce up to 350 lbs while counter-top can cater to the need of 400 lbs per day. Moreover, they require to occupy different sizes of space in terms of proper placement therefore, one must make the right choice here in order to avoid the need of replacing the unit with a new one in the future.

Wrong Type of Compressor 

Choosing a wrong compressor is another nightmare for a restaurant owner as the variance and the main source of the compressor would add up to the overall cost of it. Therefore, one must be very cautious about buying the right option to support its machine. There are three types of compressors available in the market, therefore, it is best to consult with an expert to make a right choice for your business.

Neglecting Clean Up Process 

If you would neglect the cleanup process of your unit then soon you would have to put the commercial ice machine for sale due to the build up mould and operational inefficiency. Considering this, it is recommended to use a filtered water source to produce ice and also, clean the filter, air-lets and water system before sanitising the ice bin.

These are few of the many mistakes that a person commits when intends to buy the commercial ice flake machine in Australia. This happens due to the lack of technical knowledge, therefore, consulting an expert is always recommended in order to keep from the costly mistakes.

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